Sac Magique



Sac Magique is an illustrator from the United Kingdom who has lived in Finland since 2004. He uses gouache, hand printing and Photoshop to create his illustrations. Sac describes his style as “playful aggression, like a delicious custard pie in the face”. He seeks to amuse and confuse and is particularly interested in pattern and repetition, abstraction and letting chance play a part in the creation of images. In 2009 Sac toured China, doing live illustration performances at the Notch09 festival. He also held a solo show in Stockholm and took part in various exhibitions in Finland and in the UK. In 2010 Sac Magique's work for Nordiska Kompaniet won gold at the Kolla! awards in Stockholm. His recent work includes a collection for H&M as well as an outdoor campaign for Finland's most popular soft drink brand, Jaffa.


Hartwall, Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery, Nokia, H&M, Blue1, Nike, Diynamic Music, Hackman, Helsinki Festival, Lux Stockholm, Minimarket, Nordiska Kompaniet and Tapiola.

Our agency represents Sac Magique worldwide excluding Sweden.